Computer Syllabus for SSC CHSL

The SSC CHSL (Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level) exam includes a section on computer knowledge, particularly relevant for Data Entry Operator (DEO) posts. Here’s a comprehensive syllabus for the computer knowledge section of the SSC CHSL exam:

Computer Fundamentals

  1. Basic Concepts of Computers
    • Definition and characteristics of computers
    • Types of computers (Analog, Digital, Hybrid)
  2. Components of Computers
    • Hardware and software
    • Input and output devices
    • Storage devices
  3. Memory and Storage
    • Primary and secondary memory
    • RAM, ROM, Cache memory
    • Hard drives, SSDs, optical storage

Operating Systems

  1. Basics of Operating Systems
    • Functions and types of operating systems
    • Examples: Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  2. File Management
    • File types and extensions
    • Directory structure and file organization


  1. System Software vs. Application Software
    • Definition and examples
    • Installation and uninstallation processes
  2. Common Applications
    • Word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software
    • Examples: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint

Internet and Networking

  1. Basics of Internet
    • Definition and history
    • Web browsers and search engines
    • Email and instant messaging
  2. Networking Concepts
    • Types of networks (LAN, WAN, MAN)
    • Network topologies (Star, Ring, Bus)
    • Network devices (Router, Switch, Hub)
  3. Internet Security
    • Cybersecurity basics
    • Viruses, malware, and antivirus software
    • Safe browsing practices

Database Management

  1. Database Basics
    • Definition and types of databases
    • Database Management Systems (DBMS)
  2. Operations on Databases
    • SQL basics (queries, insert, update, delete)
    • Understanding of tables, records, and fields

Computer Abbreviations and Terminology

  1. Common Abbreviations
    • CPU, RAM, ROM, HDD, SSD, etc.
  2. General Terminology
    • Bit, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, etc.
    • Binary, decimal, hexadecimal number systems

Microsoft Office Suite

  1. MS Word
    • Basic operations and formatting
    • Use of tables, images, and charts
  2. MS Excel
    • Basic spreadsheet operations
    • Formulas, functions, and charts
  3. MS PowerPoint
    • Creating and editing presentations
    • Slide transitions and animations

Basic Programming Concepts

  1. Programming Languages
    • Introduction to languages like C, C++, Java (basics)
    • Understanding of algorithms and flowcharts

Digital Financial Tools and Applications

  1. Digital Payment Systems
    • Online banking, mobile banking
    • E-wallets, UPI, and other digital payment methods
  2. E-Governance Applications
    • Basics of e-governance
    • Common e-governance applications in India

Data Entry Operations

  1. Typing Skills
    • Typing speed and accuracy
    • Data entry best practices
  2. Data Accuracy and Validation
    • Ensuring data accuracy
    • Methods of data validation

Studying these topics thoroughly will help you perform well in the computer knowledge section of the SSC CHSL exam. Make sure to practice with mock tests and previous year papers to get a better understanding of the question patterns.

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