English Questions for SSC CHSL

Preparing for the English section of the SSC CHSL exam requires familiarity with the types of questions typically asked. Here are some sample questions across different topics that are commonly tested:

1. Reading Comprehension

Passage: The invention of the steam engine was a significant milestone in the Industrial Revolution. It provided a new source of power that was not dependent on human or animal strength, nor on the vagaries of wind and water. As a result, it greatly increased productivity and efficiency in various industries.


  1. What was a key impact of the steam engine according to the passage?
    • A) It reduced the need for water.
    • B) It increased productivity and efficiency.
    • C) It relied on animal strength.
    • D) It decreased industrial output.

    Answer: B) It increased productivity and efficiency.

  2. Which of the following was not a source of power mentioned in the passage?
    • A) Human strength
    • B) Solar power
    • C) Wind
    • D) Water

    Answer: B) Solar power.

2. Error Spotting

Identify the part of the sentence that contains an error.

  1. Each of the boys have (A) / brought their (B) / own lunch. (C) / No error (D)

    Answer: A) Each of the boys have (Correct: has).

3. Fill in the Blanks

  1. He is very good _______ making excuses.
    • A) in
    • B) at
    • C) on
    • D) for

    Answer: B) at.

  2. She insisted _______ going to the market herself.
    • A) on
    • B) at
    • C) to
    • D) in

    Answer: A) on.

4. Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms: 6. Choose the synonym of “abundant”:

  • A) Rare
  • B) Scarce
  • C) Plentiful
  • D) Little

Answer: C) Plentiful.

Antonyms: 7. Choose the antonym of “diligent”:

  • A) Lazy
  • B) Active
  • C) Hardworking
  • D) Energetic

Answer: A) Lazy.

5. One-word Substitution

  1. A person who speaks many languages.
    • A) Monolingual
    • B) Bilingual
    • C) Polyglot
    • D) Multilingual

    Answer: C) Polyglot.

6. Sentence Improvement

  1. The car broke down and we had to walk home.
    • A) was broken
    • B) broke up
    • C) broke out
    • D) No improvement

    Answer: D) No improvement.

7. Para Jumbles

Rearrange the following sentences to form a coherent paragraph.

  • P: He could not afford it.
  • Q: John wanted to buy a new car.
  • R: Therefore, he decided to save money every month.
  • S: But he realized that his salary was not enough.

Correct Order: Q – P – S – R.

8. Active and Passive Voice

  1. Convert the following sentence to passive voice: “The chef prepares the meal.”
  • A) The meal is prepared by the chef.
  • B) The meal was prepared by the chef.
  • C) The meal has been prepared by the chef.
  • D) The meal is being prepared by the chef.

Answer: A) The meal is prepared by the chef.

9. Direct and Indirect Speech

  1. Convert the following sentence to indirect speech: “He said, ‘I am reading a book.'”
  • A) He said that he is reading a book.
  • B) He said that he was reading a book.
  • C) He says he was reading a book.
  • D) He said he has been reading a book.

Answer: B) He said that he was reading a book.

Practicing such questions will help candidates become familiar with the types of questions they may encounter in the SSC CHSL exam and improve their overall performance in the English Language section.

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