SSC JE Civil Engineering Exam Top 10 Books

1. “Civil Engineering: Through Objective Type Questions” by S.P. Gupta – This book is a comprehensive guide that covers all the subjects required for the SSC JE exam. It contains numerous objective type questions, practice sets, and previous year’s question papers, helping you gain a better understanding of the exam pattern.

2. “Civil Engineering: Conventional and Objective Type” by R.S. Khurmi and J.K. Gupta – This book is highly recommended for concept clarity and problem-solving practice. It contains a vast range of questions with detailed explanations, making it a go-to resource for strengthening your fundamentals.

3. “SSC CPWD-MES Civil Engineering Junior Engineers Recruitment Exam Practice Work Book” by Kiran Prakashan – This practice workbook is designed specifically for the SSC JE Civil Engineering exam. It comprises solved papers, unsolved practice questions, and mock tests, boosting your confidence and exam-taking skills.

4. “Objective Civil Engineering” by P.K. Mishra – This book provides a comprehensive coverage of all the topics, including Building Materials, Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, and more. It includes objective-type questions with solutions, ensuring a holistic understanding of the subject.

5. “SSC Junior Engineer Civil Engineering – Topicwise Previous Solved Papers” – This book contains topic-wise solved papers from previous years’ exams, helping you familiarize yourself with the question pattern and enhance your time management skills.

6. “SSC Junior Engineer (CPWD/CWC/MES) Civil Engineering” by Dr. Chandramouli Swamy and Er. Prashant Chauhan – This book offers detailed explanations of concepts, along with practice sets and solved papers. It is an excellent resource to build a strong foundation in civil engineering topics.

7. “Civil Engineering: Objective and Conventional” by R.S. Khurmi – This book covers both objective and conventional types of questions. It includes theoretical explanations, solved examples, and practice questions, making it a comprehensive guide for the exam.

8. “SSC Junior Engineer Civil Engineering Recruitment Exam Guide” by Disha Experts – This guide provides a comprehensive coverage of all the topics, along with solved and practice exercises. It also includes shortcut techniques and time management tips to help you crack the exam with ease.

9. “SSC JE Civil Engineering Previous Year Solved Papers” by Made Easy Editorial Board – This book consists of previous years’ solved papers, giving you an insight into the question pattern and the level of difficulty. It also provides detailed answers, helping you analyze your weak areas and focus on improvement.

10. “Objective Civil Engineering” by P. K. Mishra – This book covers a wide range of topics with conceptual clarity and numerous practice questions. It is a popular choice among aspirants due to its easy-to-understand language and comprehensive coverage.

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