English Questions for SSC Stenographer

Sure, here are some sample English Language questions that are typically asked in the SSC Stenographer exam:

English Language & Comprehension:


  1. Synonyms: Choose the word similar in meaning to the given word:
    • Example: Abundant
      • A) Scarce
      • B) Plentiful
      • C) Limited
      • D) Sparse
      • Correct Answer: B) Plentiful
  2. Antonyms: Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word:
    • Example: Eloquent
      • A) Inarticulate
      • B) Fluent
      • C) Persuasive
      • D) Loquacious
      • Correct Answer: A) Inarticulate


  1. Fill in the Blanks: Fill in the blank with the appropriate word:
    • The teacher asked him to ___ the classroom door.
      • A) close
      • B) closed
      • C) closing
      • D) to close
      • Correct Answer: A) close
  2. Error Spotting: Identify the part of the sentence with an error:
    • Despite of all his efforts, he couldn’t succeed.
      • A) Despite of
      • B) all his efforts
      • C) he couldn’t
      • D) succeed
      • Correct Answer: A) Despite of


  1. Reading Comprehension: Read the passage and answer the questions based on it:

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